Visiting the Scottish Highlands and the far-off Outer Hebrides led us to the wonderful discovery of the Harris Tweed fabric and all the wool accessories that come out from their famous sheep herds.
The stunning scottish landscapes – the green of the grassy machair, the brown of the gentle rolling hills, the golden sandy beaches and turquoise waters – along with its extreme weather, has been inspiring the islanders for centuries to turn the wool into their world famous and revered designs, unrivaled in its variety and colourful ranges.

We are happy when we find people that feel the passion and inspiration in things in the same way we do.

We are so happy, therefore, sharing and offering you the biggest range of fabric, clothes, blankets, throws and all sort of wool accessories, all manufactured in England and Scotland. From pure new wool to the ultimate luxury and exclusiveness of the cashmere wool.

Put wool in your live! The nature preservation, the environment protection, its warmth, comfort and unmatched durability will provide your maximum satisfaction.

weewool Barcelona team.